Roots of Resilience in San Diego’s Somali Community

          I first became interested in the idea of psychological resilience while assisting with clothing distribution at a refugee camp in Greece as I saw camp residents demonstrate drastically different responses to the collective trauma that they had suffered in the Syrian Civil War and the long journey through Turkey and across the Mediterranean. While some … Continue reading Roots of Resilience in San Diego’s Somali Community

The Ecuadorian Andes from my Computer

Hi! My name is Ana Skomal and I’m a rising MS2, currently in the summer of my MS1. A little background about myself: I was born and raised in south San Diego near Chula Vista. I’m a Mexican-American woman and a native Spanish speaker. My mom immigrated from Mexico when she was in her 30’s … Continue reading The Ecuadorian Andes from my Computer

La Belleza Natural de Guatemala

By Edna Bissoon While in Guatemala I was able to visit some of the most awe-inspiring parts of the country including Lake Atitlán with its magnificent volcanoes and beautiful indigenous culture. Lake Atitlán means "between the waters" in the indigenous Nahuatl language. The lake basin is volcanic in origin, filling an enormous caldera formed by … Continue reading La Belleza Natural de Guatemala

From the Depths of Africa to its Peak

by Jordan Anderson Well here I am at the end of a life changing summer. Sitting in Dubai’s airport on my way back to San Francisco, I can’t help but think how different life is here versus where I came from. I am surrounded by gold necklaces for sale at outrageous prices, yet I drove … Continue reading From the Depths of Africa to its Peak

Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Guatemala

By Edna Bissoon I spent the Summer of 2019 in Jalapa, Guatemala a small rural city about 2 hours from the capital. As soon as I arrived I felt at ease because Jalapa has a bustling city center surrounded by untouched forestry, beautiful rolling hills and horses dotting the pastures. However, it took me a … Continue reading Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Guatemala

Close to Home

By Jessica Blum When most people hear the words “global health,” images of sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti, and South Asia may all come to mind, among other locations. Regardless, one often imagines a far-off place wrought with starvation, infectious disease and an implied poor health infrastructure. Living in San Diego, we are uniquely situated to defy … Continue reading Close to Home

Until Next Time, India

By Aislinn McMillan India really gave me an appreciation of perspective. It was monsoon season when I was there, and thus it was always pouring rain or overcast and about to be pouring rain. Streets would be muddy and commutes would be wet. My American umbrella was not fit to deal with the rains and … Continue reading Until Next Time, India

“Bem-vinda a Mozambique!”

by Jordan Anderson Well, here we are at the end. I am sorry that my blog post is coming so close to the conclusion of my trip. Sometimes it takes until the end to truly understand the beginning. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Jordan Anderson and I am going into my second … Continue reading “Bem-vinda a Mozambique!”


By Aislinn McMillan ‘Endometrium.’ ‘Cystic lesions from cerebellum.’ ‘Gluteal abscess.’ ‘Fluid from knee’. ‘Placenta.’ ‘Collection around heel.’ As I sift through diagnostic registers, these are just a few of the types of samples types I see. Like many of my classmates, I relied heavily on a study resource called SketchyMedical to learn microbiology. This resource … Continue reading INDIA: WHEN TB IS ALWAYS IN THE DDX