Dr. Averbach

Sarah Averbach, MD, MAS
Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
UC San Diego, School of Medicine

Rosie Jimenez-Negrete, MS
Undergraduate Medical Education
UC San Diego, School of Medicine

Steering Committee

Allison Berndtson, MD, FACS (Surgery)
Leah Kern, MD, MPH (Pediatrics)
Akbar Rahman, MD, MPH (Family Med and Public Health)
Timothy Rodwell, MD/PhD (Medicine/ Global Public Health)
Robert Schooley, MD (Medicine/ Infectious Diseases)
Jose Ricardo Suarez, MD/PhD (Fam Med and Public Health)
Kenneth Vitale, MD (Orthopedics)

Erin Noste, MD (Emergency Medicine)

Anne Cowell, MD (Infectious Diseases)

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