To the little moments

When traveling, I’ve found that it’s easy to turn cities into check lists and destinations into collectibles. As a tourist, I’m often swept up in trying to get the most bang for my buck, cramming all the hot spots into a few precious days. But living in Santiago, I have the luxury of experiencing more … Continue reading To the little moments

Getting Things Done On Mozambique Time

When I decided that I’d sit and write a bit about my research once I hit a milestone, I didn’t figure that would be five weeks in and only days before I finish up my work here in Mozambique. If research is unpredictable by nature, doing research here seems to require a bit more of … Continue reading Getting Things Done On Mozambique Time

Hola de Ecuador

Sitting here in Tabacundo, Ecuador, I have just finished my first two days of helping gather data in rural communities.  Before this began, my wife Maggie and I had been enrolled in a two-week course run through CIMA, the organization running the ESPINA project.  This course focused on understanding the diversity of Ecuador’s communities, the … Continue reading Hola de Ecuador

Bim vindo a Mozambique!

I am here in Manhica at the Centrao de Investação de Saúde em Manhiça (CISM). Situated just next to the hospital, the center functions as both the diagnostic lab for the hospital and a research center. Thus, when I am not in the lab, I am able to observe some of the activities of the … Continue reading Bim vindo a Mozambique!